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Liquid chlorine

Liquid Chlorine is used for chlorination of swimming pool water. Its main function is to disinfectify the pool Product Names: Liquid Chlorine Solution, Liquid Bleach, Hypochlorite, Hypo and Chlorine Bleach, hard surface cleaner, mildecide, drinking water disinfectant, boat bottoms.

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid & chemical is used as a disinfecting agent in swimming pools and fountain water bodies and helps in achieving sparkling clean and clear water.

Our TCCA-90 provides long-term effects in keeping your swimming pools free from bacteria and algae. With no side-effects on skin, hair and eye etc.

TCCA can be used in water treatment, especially in swimming pool water treatment, drinking water treatment, algae removing of industrial circulating water, treatment of industrial or city sewage, disinfection of petroleum well drilling slurry and sewage and production of seawater cells.

TCCA can be used in dishware disinfection, preventative disinfection of houses, hotels and public places, hygiene and diesel control in hospitals, and environment disinfection in fish, silkworm, livestock and poultry feeding places.

TCCA also can be used in fruits and vegetables disinfection and preservation.

TCCA can also be used in textile cleansing and bleaching, wool shrink resistance, paper insect resistance, and rubber chlorination, etc.

TCCA has been proved to be a better and more economical alternative to bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite for all kinds of chlorination applications.

TCAA90 powder

offered by us is part of TCCA 90 Swimming Pool Chemicals that are introduced by us in the market. Well recognized for purifying the water bodies, these chemicals assist in maintaining the purity as well as hygiene levels of the water through effective elimination of dangerous contaminants from water. Here, our expertise lies in offering these chemicals in different packing options to choose from.


Alum is both a specific chemical compound and a class of chemical compounds. The specific compound is the hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate with the formula KAl(SO 4)₂·12H 2O.

Copper Sulphate

This is a chemical compound used as an organic agent to many chemical compounds. It enables us to regulate the physical and chemical properties of the product. We import such chemical compounds which are used in copper refining process. Most of our cooper sulphate products are used in metal industries as an electrolyte in refining process. We also distribute chemicals for the synthetic process. Our collection of products exists in various combinations based on the specifications given by the customers. We distribute products with cost effective prices.